"Win-strike": a guide to use

“Win-strike”: a guide to use

In betting, winning and losing streaks often alternate, like the black and white stripes in a zebra. Most players are more likely to encounter “blacks”. I’m sure you know how long they can be. I, for one, do. Previously, we talked about how to deal with black streaks (“los streaks”) in betting. Today I propose to talk about how to deal with white streaks.

The betting game goes in streaks even with the professionals, let alone the average player. It’s a common occurrence. The difference is that professional players have an easier time getting past the black bars, but they use the white bars a little differently as well. I, on the other hand, offer my view on how the latter should be used.

When a bettor is in a “los streak”, he has nothing going for him. No matter how hard he tries to analyse the event, no matter what he bets. “A win-streak works in a similar way, only in the opposite direction. If a player goes on a white streak in sports betting, then almost any choice comes in. I’m sure many of you have experienced something similar. At such times, the bettor may not even analyse the matches. One glance at an event poster is enough, as the very “winning” bet comes to mind. The win streak boosts the player’s confidence, which is very important. He stops hesitating, selects the events to bet on and presses the betting button on the bookmaker’s website with a steady hand. The player can open live, see one of the teams win for odds over 10, bet and win. Simply because a white streak is going on and he felt it was worth betting here. In the days of the “win-streak” you have to trust your “gut”.

Now the player does not listen to the experts and does not look at the newsletters on Beton. In addition, at such times he is not keen to share betting ideas with his friends. He is well aware that “ironmen” love silence. Some ideas he will share, but the most appealing ones he keeps to himself. This is correct if the player is superstitious.

The serene times of the ‘win-streak’ in betting need to know how to take advantage of them. As long as you feel that Fortune is on your side, you need to convert that into wins. Indecision goes away, you become bold. At such moments, the player is willing to bet on things that he was afraid to play before. Then the most incredible bets come through. You have to take advantage of this and not be afraid to bet. If the game is on, you should get the most out of it, because white streaks in betting are not as long as black ones. If you’re not afraid, you can accumulate a good pot during a “win-streak” or implement a few ideas that you previously did not have enough money for. It’s true that you shouldn’t go all-in or significantly increase the usual amount of bets. Getting cocky, as they say, is not a good idea. This can lead to an appreciable loss and lead to a prolonged “los streak”. There is only one step from a win-strike to a lose-strike, so you must remember that.

The main thing is to stop in time. Every series is interrupted sooner or later. “Win streaks are most often broken quickly. They are fleeting, and it’s depressing. But knowing how to stop in time will leave you with good numbers on your balance sheet.

How do you stop? Very simple. If a “win-streak” is coming to an end, you can feel it. Every bet is overpowering, and you’re not as confident in your betting choices. You’re groping for it, so to speak. Then you need to begin to slow down, somewhere to reduce the habitual sizes of bets. Then you lose a little on the finish line of a white streak.

After a “win-streak” any player will find himself at a fork in the road. If you go left you will meet “Luz-Strike”, if you go right you will return to the ordinary life of a bettor. Let me explain. If after a bright white streak you don’t take a little break, you’re in for a “lousy stretch”. Even after an impressive winning streak, it is worth taking a break for a couple of days, to give your mind a distraction and come to its senses. Defeats after a winning streak can get you into a losing streak, which is unacceptable. Then the chance of taking a wrong turn will be minimal. Turning in the opposite direction from the “Loose Streak”, you will return to the usual course of the game in BK. The results will start to alternate again, but you’ll be able to avoid the loose-strike.

Instructions for the win-streak in a nutshell:

  • Don’t be afraid to bet on the most unusual options, use the win-streak to your advantage;
  • Trust your gut;
  • Never go all-in and do not sharply increase the amount of bets: Insolence will have the opposite effect;
  • Be able to stop in time when you see that all in a row stopped coming in;
  • At the finish line, reduce the amount of bets, so as not to lose much when the winning streak is irreversibly cut short;
  • At the end of a win streak, take a break from betting for a couple of days. This will help avoid a “loose streak”.

That’s all I wanted to tell you today about win streaks. I hope you found it interesting. And the reading will be useful.