The "Loose-Strike" in betting. How do you deal with it?

The “Loose-Strike” in betting. How do you deal with it?

Betting is not an exact science. Yes, there are many gambling strategies. Some of them are promising and productive, while others are completely unprofitable. But none of them will give you a 100% guarantee of winning. Because there is none in betting. Otherwise there would be no bookmakers on the globe. It all depends on many factors, including your luck. After all, you are predicting the outcome of a sporting event that involves other people. They are athletes, but they are also human beings. We do not know what is going on in their heads, how exactly they spent the night before the match, and so on. And all this can affect the final result of the match.

We don’t have a Sports Almanac like Back to the Future to be sure of the outcome of any match. So we have to rely on personal knowledge and experience, as well as luck. But even that is not always enough to win a bet. It is not possible to win all the time and make a profit every day. Losses are an inherent part of sports betting.

You have to be prepared for them from the very beginning so that they do not come as a surprise. In this case a player can simply “break” psychologically. This is especially true for beginner bettors. Many of them are very ambitious and overconfident. Probably, each of us took our first steps in betting with such an attitude. But you have to understand right away that there will be defeats too. Without them, there will be no victories, and you have to be prepared for them. Moreover, sometimes they will add up to a series. This is called a “lousy streak”, or simply a “black streak”.

If you are a beginner, but you are having absolutely no luck in betting and every bet turns into a loss, it is better to think about “ending your career”. Beginners are confident, and the more they fail, the more desperate they are to get things right. In such situations, betting gets sucked in like a quagmire and turns from a regular game into an addiction. Not everyone manages to get rid of it. So you have to be prepared for losses in advance. It is also important to be able to accept them.

How to overcome the “black streak” in sports betting?

To fight the “Loose Streak” you can apply several methods.

A pause in betting is the most popular method. When a losing streak drags on, it is always difficult to get out of it. Many players catch a Loose Streak and immediately try to break even. This should not be done. Wagering always leads nowhere. Many players even increase their bets by getting even. That should not be done either; otherwise you might end up “without the trousers”. It is much easier and better to make a pause. Every activity is “boring” and causes fatigue. A man needs a “change of scenery.

So when you hit a “loose streak” in betting, you have to forget about betting for a while and not make them at all. Distract yourself and turn your attention to a new book, TV series or something else. Devote all your free time to an activity other than betting. This way you can distract yourself and take a break from betting, which is important. Regular playing, day in and day out, simply blurs your mind and your view of events, so it becomes harder to get out of the Loose Streak. After a break and a rest, you’ll be able to take a fresh look at the world of betting. In other words, you’ll come back with fresh ideas.

Work on mistakes. It’s important in any business, including betting. Not many players are willing to admit their own mistakes. All players make them, but it is important to understand what they are. There may be many variants. For example, you do not succeed in playing the selected markets (outcome, total or handicap), a sport does not suit you. Not all bettors stop at one sport. Some are better, some are worse. In such a case, it is important to give up where it does not go. Also, the chosen strategy for the game might not work for you. In that case, it is better to change it.

Self-exclusion from the game. The third and most effective way to get rid of the “Loose Streak”. Radical, but the only one for some bettors. The method for those who can not cope with their emotions and begin to sink deeper into the abyss of losses in bets. For such players, modern bookmakers have come up with a “self-exclusion from the game” function, which can be activated in your personal cabinet. Sometimes there is no other way to cope with a string of losing bets.

To summarise

I propose to summarise all of the above. In betting, there is room not only for victories, but also for defeats. The latter come unexpectedly and sometimes for a long time. Fighting them is difficult, but it is possible. To do so, it is important to be prepared for losses and have the strength to deal with them. Look for their causes, never rush into a wagering game, and pause the game. The latter is most important. But if you can’t overcome the emotions of defeat and it drags you down with renewed vigour, there’s only one way out: self-exclusion from the game.

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